Much Ado About Nothing

A war of words and wills, love and loss abound when the Prince's army visits Don Leonato

Dance Scene

Benedick and Beatrice dance together during the welcome ball for Don Pedro.  During their conversation, Beatrice either does not recognize him or pretends not to. While they dance she insults Benedick saying that while he thinks that he is witty others find him boring.

Benedick Garden Scene

 While Benedick wanders the garden, wondering aloud to himself how any intelligent man can fall in love.  He suddenly overhears Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato approaching.  After noticing Benedick hiding among the trees, eavesdropping to their conversation, they begin to talk loudly that Beatrice has fallen in love with Benedick. Putting their sceme into full effect, they embellish the story of Beatrice's passionate love to Benedick.

Beatrice Garden Scene

Beatrice rushes to the garden after learning that Hero and Ursula are talking about her.  Once there, Beatrice hides so she can listen into the conversation.  Hero tricks Beatrice into believing that Benedick is in love with her.  

Accusal Scene

During their wedding, Claudio rejects Hero at the altar due to what he believes to be her unfaithfulness.

Inquisition Scene

After the accusal of Hero, the night watch overhear Borachio bragging about his wooing of the Lady Maragret in the name of Hero, as instructed by his master Don Juan.  The night watch arrest the two men, and bring them before the Magistrate for a formal Inquisition.