Two Gentlemen of Verona

Proteus and Valentine start as the best of friends. Over time romance, obsession, heartbreak and loss turn this friendship into something different.

Proteus and Valentine

Proteus and Valentine are depicted as the best of friends.  Their relationship is tested through the course of the play.

Julia and the Letter

In the beginning of the play, Proteus secretly sends a love letter to Julia.  In her excited state she tears up the letter then regrets her actions.

Ring Exchange

In a declaration of love, Proteus and Julia exchange rings before as he leaves for Milan to see Valentine and the Duke.

Wooing of Silva

Valentine falls in love with Silva, Proteus arrives and falls in love as well.  Both men vie for her affections, but she only favors one.

Lance and Crab

Servant of Protheus, Lance and his dog Crab provide some comic relief and common sense to the play.

Two Gentlemen of Verona